Setting up a Brand New Office Space

Setting up a Brand New Office Space

So you’ve secured a new office premises and you’ve chosen something to fit your budget, location, size or specific demands. The next thing you are going to have to consider is making a space which is suitable to the job at hand, keeps employees happy and productive and makes the right impression on any clients or visitors. If you’re not careful the amount you spend on this can quickly get out of hand. You need to balance keeping tight control of your expenditure whilst not scrimping to the point where you have a negative effect on productivity, morale and image. So there’s a few key factors which will help you to achieve this.

Think About Potential Future Changes

So there’s a good possibility that one of the reasons for a relocation is that the business is expanding. It could be that you are moving to a better location which in turn should push the business to the next level. Even if it is a brand new business, you should always think ahead. What might be fit for purpose now could quickly become ineffective. Try to make the space adaptable to future change. Place slightly more workstations than you need for your current workforce and try to use partitions and desks which can be moved to fit more in or to change the set up as the business changes. Without this you could be hampering your own future expansion or work adjustments.

Make Sure It Stays Clean and Cared For

clear-officeThere’s so many occasions when a glorious new office space quickly degrades through lack of due care and attention. If you can employ a cleaner, ensure that they understand the higher standards that need to be adhered to in a brand new office. If it is a case of it being maintained by your own workforce they need to take care of the place and respect the new environment. Simple things like not tidying up daily or small areas of damage getting caused and not fixed will quickly breed further problems. Having gone to all the trouble of setting up and paying for a new office interior you need to get the buy-in of your team to keep it like that.

Choose Appropriate Furniture

This might sound daft but you need to be logical and sensible in your selections. As mentioned earlier there needs to be a key balance between the price spent and its suitability. For some people it can become very tempting to overpay for unnecessary items whilst others try to save too much cash thus creating numerous problems rather than a fresh start. You don’t always have to go to designer office furniture suppliers but for areas such as the reception and meeting rooms where you might be having consultations with clients it’s often justified to spend a bit more. As well as this, modern office workstations should be ergonomic as well as provide enough storage and space to work. However, if you are buying more expensive items for one area rather than another be careful how you set this up as you don’t want to create a situation where some colleagues feel like they’ve been short-changed whilst the managers work in luxury. Be sensible as well as fair in all of your furniture choices.

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