When deciding on what sort of guttering to go for it can appear to be an incredibly trivial task. “What difference does it make, it’s just guttering!” – Well believe it or not there is much more to guttering than meets the eye; in fact there are several types of materials that you can choose from, each with their own unique pros and cons. The question to ask is not what the best type of guttering is, but which is the most suitable for you and your home – I know right? As if upgrading your guttering couldn’t get any more exciting! Buckle up.

What is the best guttering material? Or rather which is the best for me and my home?

The average residential home owner often makes the mistake of selecting a new type of guttering based on mere aesthetics and rolls with the materials that best suit the colours and theme of the house; overlooking any long term issues that could be important to note. Then there are those who are renovating their home and replacing their old, weathered guttering  with a more suitable, upgraded version and they will tend to make a more informed decision – perhaps they selected the original guttering based on mere aesthetics and learned from experience that within several years the guttering really started to discolour and fall into disrepair.

Whatever the case this article is aimed at helping you avoid making similar mistakes and will guide you towards a smarter choice for your home. Check out the detailed list of guttering materials below and identify which is the most suitable for you before getting in touch with your fascia and gutter installers:

There are a variety of guttering materials to satisfy your tastes, style of home and budget

There are a variety of guttering materials

  • Vinyl is irrefutably the cheapest material and the most elementary when it comes to installation – perfect for those who are looking at taking the DIY route. This material is relatively long lasting depending on the climate – in particularly hot environments it does tend to degrade and become brittle over time.
  • Aluminium guttering is the lightest material and it is rust-proof which is a great choice for humid climates or regions with regular rainfall. Most importantly it is rather easy to assemble and work with; it can however lack strength depending on the brand so if you decide to roll with this, shop around.
  • Galvanised steel is very strong in comparison to aluminium however this material certainly requires the most maintenance to prevent it from falling into premature disrepair due to the fact that is it not rust-proof.
  • Aluminium gutteringStainless steel is one of the more costly materials available however it is worth the investment due to the fact that it is strong, rust-proof and great for retaining its long lasting, shiny appearance.
  • Copper is undoubtedly the strongest material, it lasts longer than the others and is easily one of the best looking too. Both practically and aesthetically copper is a brilliant choice and would likely be the most popular option if it wasn’t so costly.


I know that replacing the guttering on your home isn’t exactly the most exciting task and it is something that you’ll likely not want to spend too much time on, however the more research you do now the less time and money you will have to invest in the long run.

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