If your TV reception has become fuzzy or intermittent then your antenna might be in need of repair or replacement. If this is the case then a qualified specialist will be needed to perform the necessary maintenance or installation of a new digital antenna. However, there are numerous occasions when engineers experience call outs to repair faulty equipment which are unnecessary and can be as simple as plugging the cable back into the television set correctly. Nobody wants to pay for something which they could have easily remedied themselves. Before enquiring with a local professional like Antenna Plus about their digital antenna repair services spend a few minutes to do some simple checks to ensure that you have ruled out the issues which you could easily tackle yourself and save any unneeded expenses.

Check the Connections

Your first port of call should always be to check all of your connections. It sounds obvious but a great number of call outs could be eliminated by doing precisely this. Is the cable plugged in properly and into the correct port? Sometimes these cables can become slightly dislodged from the TV and the contact is broken. Make sure that all the relevant cables are firmly plugged in and in a good condition. Examine the cables, in particular the connection points, for any signs of damage or disrepair and if you have a spare try swapping them round to eliminate whether the cables themselves are the problem. If it becomes apparent that this is the source of your predicament replacement cables can be purchased at little expense from various outlets.

Plug in another TV Set

If you have more than one TV point in your home are they all experiencing the same faults? It is a worthy idea to check if they are all experiencing the same issues as this can be indicative of where the problem lies. Try plugging the different televisions into the various points in your home as you would expect them all to experience the same problems if it was an issue with the antenna. If this is not the case and there is a lack of consistency in the faults you are experiencing then it would immediately signal that the trouble lies either with the television itself or the cabling rather than the antenna.

Check the Cables to the Antenna

cablesHaving satisfied yourself that these are not the issues it makes sense to check the remainder of the wiring up to the external antenna itself. Inspect the cable has not become twisted or snagged anywhere along its path from the TV point to the antenna. Check the external walls or in the loft but don’t try climbing up on the roof. If you are struggling to locate these then look up at your antenna itself and follow the cables down from there. Doing this will indicate whether they run down the exterior or down inside the roof etc. If you do find any hindrances along the route these can be easily rectified and having freed-up the cabling double check whether this has altered the signal quality which you are receiving as this can sometimes resolve the issue entirely.


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