It is the era of globalization. New technology is being invented every day. The field related to sound is not exception, so being a sound engineer now is a career that many people are looking for. Sound engineering is a highly technical job. It requires competent computer skills and a proficiency working with electronic equipment as they are responsible for controlling sound recording and broadcast tools. Audio engineers must deal with video technicians, editors, performers and directors to create effective, quality audio. However, if you want to be a sound engineer, it is suggested that you first get through some of the following details.

How to Get Started

If being a sound engineer is your dream job, you must have obtained vocational training or some sort of certification specialized in this field. This can include a high school diploma, community college or university course since technical skills and computer proficiency are important. Besides this the job is continually dealing with electronic equipment, so a strong knowledge of electrical systems and electrical safety are often needed.

Electronic Equipment Used In Sound Engineering

If you decide to become a sound engineer, you need to know about the necessary equipment you will have to deal with.

  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

If you want to be recording for local bands, you will need at least a medium size DAW.

  • Microphones

There are various types of microphones needed for each section of the processes.

  • Mic stands and headphones

When you want to record something, you need mic stands and headphones for all the musicians to record each sound.

  • Suitable room or studio

One thing I want to point out to you is about the importance of the place where you are doing your work. Do not forget that live drums are very loud, so it is very important to have a suitable room or studio.

  • Laptop

You should own a laptop with a good editing program because you will have to handle lots of files and be able to show them to your clients.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is an essential thing you have to consider when you want to become a sound engineer, since you will have to work with loud noises which may affect your neighborhood if they are too loud or if you are working at night time. So, soundproofing solution for noise reduction is a must for your workspace in order to enjoy the work you like. Therefore, your room or studio should use acoustical foam as a noise barrier that prevents the sound emanating from your studio.


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