security systemHousehold burglary is described by the Australian Institute of Criminology as one of the main concerns for a large number of Australians. Cash, jewellery and firearms tend to be the most common items targeted during break-ins but steps can be taken to reduce the potential of burglary. The desire to keep yourself, your family and your possessions safe from intruders is clearly something we can all understand but obviously nobody wishes to barricade themselves away and live in fear. One simple method of providing you with the reassurances of feeling secure whilst not turning your home into a fortress is the installation of security screens on doors and windows. Here are a few reasons why they are such a favourable option.

Extra Security

As the name suggests a security screen’s primary function is to keep yourself and your house contents protected. By providing that additional safeguard against would-be burglars the visual deterrent which they provide can prove to be invaluable as it gives criminals less inclination to target that property. In the worst case scenario that your house does suffer an attempted burglary the added difficulties to gain entry to the home might well scare off the criminals or make the difference between whether they are arrested or not. The extra tools and time necessary to breach them will likely allow the police force to react and apprehend the criminals before they can gain access to the property.

Add Value to Your Property

In addition to the most obvious benefit that security screens provide one, often overlooked, factor is that the installation of them will increase the value of your home. A property with heightened security measures will command an elevated value on the housing market. After all, nobody wants to buy somewhere which doesn’t seem safe and therefore security screens across the property make it a more attractive option than one without. Security screens now come in a variety of designs and can be catered to compliment your property so you need not worry that they will be an unsightly feature. On the contrary, they can actually be quite stylish and finish the look of your home.

Keep out Pesky Insects and Pests

Alongside the considerations of security, insects and pests can prove to be quite an annoyance and sometimes deter us from leaving the doors and windows open. Given the hot climate the option of opening them up and allowing a cool breeze into the home is much cheaper than always relying on air conditioning but is often completely unfeasible. Security screens can be designed to take this into account with specific insect screens built into them and when fitted across windows and doors will allow you to leave them open but prevent the inevitable insects and bugs from getting inside. As well as providing a barrier to these pests the ability these screens provide to allow natural cooling can cut the cost of your air conditioning bills.


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